This is How you Develop your Ability to Run Fast

An athlete who is running fast has an advantage over his rivals. Running speed can be increased in different ways, such as using ankle weights and so on. The results come gradually, but you must persevere.

There are different views on the enemy fast. Increasing your running speed can help runners reach the finish line faster, or for boys and adults who play sports by overcoming their rivals. Rapid enemy also burns more calories and increases muscle building. There are many techniques that help to increase the speed of running, and some techniques are designed to share with other runners and other techniques dedicated to the only runner. For each runner, there is a technique or techniques that are effective and appropriate for him.

Some common methods used by runners to increase speed include:

Breathing techniques:

It is important to learn how to fully breathe, from the diaphragm. Exhalation is necessary to increase the speed of the enemy, and the more exhalation is true, the more the inhaler inhales more air and can increase the speed of running. Be sure to exhale through your mouth and breathe through your nose. Maintaining this type of breathing can help you run.
Take enough time for recovery:
The recovery period is a necessary component for successful exercises. Adequate recovery period helps to increase the speed of hostility because the muscles are in the best condition.

Specific exercises:

Specific exercises should be done to familiarize your muscles with the explosive power condition, which helps you increase your running speed.

Body accustom:

So that the body does not get tired quickly during jogging, it is important to get used to the effort. It takes high-level workouts for the body to get used to running, and it’s important to be keen on fast running techniques.

Weightlifting Training

The known secret is that many runners, who train for the long race, use ankle weights. These weights can be used for four to six weeks before the race. This is an effective way to increase your running speed before important competitions. Sometimes when removing the weight of the ankle feels the runner feels lighter, and this is something extra that can increase the speed of running.

Low-intensity exercises:

Low-intensity exercises, such as swimming have the ability to increase your running speed and reduce the burden on your joints.

The use of these techniques to increase the speed of running is an effective way to see the results, however, the results are not immediate, and be careful to do as much as possible, on the other hand, do not forget to rest when needed. The results will come gradually and you will feel that you are running faster easily.

Jogging Tips:

1. Buy running shoes: With running shoes, it will be more comfortable to run, reduce the burden on the joints and they will help you absorb shocks. If you do not know what kind of shoes you buy, consult with the shopkeeper.

2. Appropriate clothing: When you go out for jogging, it is important to wear comfortable clothes that do not hinder your movement.

3. Pre-run heating: After running, do stretching exercises so that your muscles don’t spasm.

4. Running partners: Look for people who want to run, they can be friends, family, partner, and the like. Jogging is more fun when jogging together.

5. It is important not to compare yourselves with other contestants, each one progressing at its own pace.

6. Music: Listening to music while jogging can increase motivation and thus improves fitness.

7. It is important to drink plenty of water, even when we are not always thirsty, otherwise, you will become dehydrated.

8. It is important to run with a hat and cream sunscreen, especially in the summer.



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