9 Ways to Start Love Fast Running!

Running is a sport that is not suitable for everyone, but at the moment of addiction – it makes miracles for the body and the soul. If you hate running but dream of change, here are a few tips that will help you smile all the way in the next run.

Quick Run reminds you of the penalties you received at school by running around the building a hundred sessions? Not surprisingly, you hate running. Running is not a sport that everyone loves, that’s right, but it’s best to get rid of your prejudices about running and the trauma associated with it and give this wonderful sport another chance. If you think you hate running, try these tips until you change your mind:

1. Forget why you hated running fast from the start

Above all, thinking must be changed in order to change opinion. Forget about the reasons you hated running when you were young. Whether you are not quick when you are children or if you fall and embarrass yourself in front of your classmates – leave these reasons for the past. Begin the experience of fast running as adults with a free head.

2. Set a goal

Like everything you want to achieve in life, setting goals is essential. What distance do you want to run? At what speed? Start slowly, and gradually increase your speed. Before you pay attention, you will achieve the initial goal and you can set the next goal. This is encouraging and gives motivation and discipline to training.
3. They agreed with a companion to run with him
If you agree with a friend for the morning run, most chances are that you will not cancel it and you will not be lazy to run. You certainly do not want to disappoint anyone who relied on you. People who stress exercise with a friend enjoy more than exercise. Time passes quickly and they feel more challenging with a friend to their side to improve their running speed or distance.

4. Join a running group

Running fast is not supposed to be a boring task you have to do on YES and YES NO to survive intact. In fact, it can be a beautiful social event. Running or walking clubs, running teams at different levels or training teams due to a specific running race may help you reach the fitness goals you have set and also enjoy during that. If you learn to love running and join a running band, there are high chances that you will find people like you in the field, in order of priority in life and in the world view. These people may become good friends to you.

5. Enter the rhythm – music to the fast running

Music is a very central reason that many people succeed in continuing to run. You may often see runners singing out loud as they hear the music they love. Music generates inspiration and motivation, and if you keep listening to rhythmic music, you can improve your running time.

6. Prepare for the race, and then for the next.

Provided you set the target and destination, running race is the most obvious direction. Choose a race that fits the distance you want to run and record it well before. The rest of the time you have improved your time, technique, and believe us – you will be addicted to the good feeling of running along with a lot of other people. This leads you to register for the next running race so that it is more challenging.

7. Enter body fuel

Choose foods that give energy. Make sure you have enough iron by eating many green vegetables. Eat a nut, it contains a protein that helps with endurance fitness and coenzyme Q10 that helps the body produce energy.

8. Boot, boot, then boot

To enjoy a quick or normal run, you should feel comfortable. They chose a sneaker suitable for the foot palm building. A good friend’s recommendation for years is not necessarily suitable for you because everyone has a different footbath and the sports shoe companies make their shoes with different specifications of length and width. Focus on good foot support and replace the shoes every 7,000 km or a year of intensive use.

9. Read about running fast

Running magazines and books generate enthusiasm about the topic, as you read about people who have dedicated their lives to sports. This gives inspiration and a desire to be healthy and athletic people.