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How to Run .. Without Muscle Strain or Physical Fatigue!

Everyone wants to exercise without feeling pain or stress, and because running sports has many benefits such as burning fat accumulated in the body and strengthening bones, and stimulate blood circulation in the body, but how do we exercise running properly? We all love to exercise, and we want to learn the right way to use it to improve the mood, and the ability to do various things despite the age… The proportion of older people who are able to exercise without feeling pain, higher than the proportion of young people who complain of back pain when doing various work In this article, you can learn more about the right way of running and how to practice it.

Correct running method

There are several procedures that I have followed to practice running properly:

Install the header mode forward

Involuntary movements in the body can control the position of your head and body you may find your head slightly bent or raised from the normal level, all you have to do is to stand before running and look at a point in front of your eye at a distance of 30 to 40 meters, to stabilize the position of your head, this movement facilitates Tighten the neck and jaw muscles, because looking down makes the neck and mouth area relaxed, causing muscle tension in the neck, so prepare well for the sport of running your head straight forward, until you get full balance.

Install the shoulders

Try to hold your shoulders in a straight angle, not bending down like you’re carrying something heavy on your back. Stand firmly. Return your shoulders back in proportion to your body posture. You can stand a little in front of a mirror to see your shoulder position, because the curved position as you run It hinders oxygen from reaching your muscles, thereby blocking your ability to breathe.

Install the arm

If you try running you will find that the tight arm affects the length of the distance and the muscles of the shoulders and back, and this gives you the feeling of not wanting to complete the exercise, try to install the shoulders by the hands, fixing the elbow at a 90 degree angle with the arms relaxed a little, move them while running back and forward .

The movement of the arms back and forward pushes the body to run forward, keeping hands relaxed on both sides of the body does not push forward and wasted a lot of effort.

Move your body forward

The body should be slightly tilted forward. This will help make the heel of the foot not firmly hit the ground, going down on the middle of the feet, making your body pressure on the thighs, reducing fat in this area and tightening the muscles.

Install the leg

Some beginners, when practicing running, believe that shaking the legs before starting running, is useful in warming up and strengthening the legs, but this method causes pain in the lower back and thighs, it is advised before running, not to shake the thighs and legs, and we find that in the world championships do not shake the leg.

Bend the knee

We see the way children run, jumping with running, do not do this, this method exposes the foot damage when the foot hit the ground, so the practitioners of this sport advised to bend the knee to push you forward with the foot fixed to the ground, jumping up and down affect your knee.

Get off on the middle of the foot

When running on the foot, athletes are advised to avoid getting off the heel. Down in the middle of the soles of the foot, the impact creates pressure on your thighs and makes you give up easily. It is painful to the heel area. It can cause you to sprain your ankle. Toes should be stretched out. Forward, so you can control running faster, and don’t allow fingers to hit the ground.


Keep your agility on the right track, as agility accelerates your rhythm, fear of falling may create insecurity when running, but only in your unconscious mind, you should feel relaxed when running because your foot won’t hit the ground, As long as you follow the correct running method.

There are several ways to breathe properly. You can take an inhalation and exhale regularly, through your nose or mouth. Using the right breathing method gives your body the most oxygen, to take longer, or to breathe every two steps running like a pro.

In the correct running method, you must maintain your correct breathing method, to allow oxygen to enter as much as possible, such as:
  • You can breathe from the diaphragm or from your abdomen. Open your mouth while running, to allow as much oxygen to enter the trachea.
  • Take inspiration when you put your foot on the floor when you start exercising, and when you step down with your foot while running.
  • Exhale when you put the other foot, running in succession to the feet, all you have to do is take the same at the first step, and take out the same when the second foot falls to the ground.

Drinking water while running can help you breathe better. It also gives you another muscle that will help you burn fat and provide you with the energy needed to complete your workout.

Tips for practicing the correct running method

Athletic Shoe

Choosing a shoe makes it easier for you to run. This is because shoes made specifically for exercise do not allow the foot to hit the ground directly.

The right place

Choosing the right place makes it easier for you to practice the right way of running. This is because mountain land and unpaved land lead to foot problems such as sprains and other injuries, so it is important for you to move away from places with stones, and choose a land similar to the ground of sports clubs dedicated to running if you can not From subscribing to a club.


The choice of clothes made of cotton, is the best choice starting from socks and underwear, even external clothes, and this is because cotton absorbs sweat, and you must choose clothes comfortable and appropriate to the body, tight clothing does not make you feel comfortable when running, especially when running in the public streets .

Patience and planning

Do you want to see the result of running immediately, whether to lose weight or strengthen bones? You should know that this comes gradually, set half an hour to run, start practicing the right way step by step, adjust the movement at first you will find yourself slow, you know that when you practice a new skill you overcome the old way, when you get used to the method Running right regularly every day, you will control your speed in two weeks, do not increase the distance every week, wait two weeks and increase the distance.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition gives you the energy you need when you exercise because it contains all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins useful for exercises, such as eating vegetables and fruits.

Water and liquids

Drink 1 to 2 liters of water per day, preferably drinking water during exercise because it provides energy and helps you burn fat, and because the water expelled by the body sweat and urination, exposes you to dehydration, so you need to drink liquids such as home-made juices without sugar -To make up for lost fluids from the body.


Follow the correct breathing methods mentioned earlier while running, so that your body can supply the oxygen you need during the run.


Try looking for someone who encourages you to do exercise, run with you so you don’t get bored and let time pass quickly without getting tired.

Contraindications to running exercises

Most people wonder if there are contraindications to running, such as:

  • Bone patients, such as osteoporosis.
  • Suffering from heart disease.

In conclusion, running makes your life and health better, and make your daily performance better in your various activities.