Running: The Most Important Guidelines For Exercising

Whether you are thinking of starting to run at the club, running at home or even outdoors, here are the most important guidelines.

In the following article we will learn about the sport of running, and how you can exercise in a way that will bring you many benefits and important for your health and fitness:

Is running sport dangerous?

Criticism of modern trainers revolves around the fact that running sport is considered dangerous and unhealthy sport as it causes vibration of the spine and sagging facial skin, but how healthy it?

Many people choose to forget or ignore the fact that if a number of rules are followed and simple precautions are taken, as is the case with all types of sports, running sport is not only not harmful, it can also benefit the body amazingly.
Before you are persuaded otherwise, do not forget that running is the most unique and competitive sport, and if athletics is the queen of all sports then running is the queen of athletics itself.

How do you practice running properly?

If you want to reap the benefits of running especially with the hot summer and multiple fitness clubs, here are the most important tips for running on the device in the gym or running abroad:

Outdoor sports

Here are the most important rules and guidelines to follow when you are outdoors:

1- Time and place

There is a need to consider running in the hot hours, such as early morning hours or at sunset, preferring to run in specially prepared tracks and avoid running along the roads and rough places.

3  – Clothes and shoes

It is advisable to wear a tight shirt with ventilation (dry fit) with a front that prevents the entry of air to prevent chest injury cold.

Wear shoes specially designed for running and not for strength training, these should be firm and shock absorbing for smooth and comfortable movement.

3 – when running on the beach

Running on the seashore is particularly pleasant and beneficial since sand is considered a shock absorber, thus completely eliminating the risk to sensitive knees.

When running on the beach, prefer to wear shoes and find a flat surface as much as possible.

4 – Do not neglect attention to the pulse

It is important to use a pulse meter, after consulting with a professional, just identify the pulse required and be aware of the heartbeat that is right for you. A pulse meter helps maintain a constant and defined pulse.

Running sport in the club

Here are the most important rules and guidelines to follow when you run a club:

1- Get to know the device

You must know the device used to practice well and learn about its specifications, devices today are equipped with rich and diverse programs.

2. Prepare an appropriate program

It is recommended first and foremost to consult with a coach from the club to help you develop the program that is right for you and your personal needs and goals.

3. Focus and objectives

It is important to keep running at the center of the track and keep the focus. It is important to set long-term goals for frequency, steepness and running time.

4 – Attention to the integrity of the track

It is important to practice a new course of the machine so that the shock absorbers are intact, thereby reducing physical damage.

5 – Resist boredom

In order not to get bored, you have to set different paths for the days of the week, and try to maintain at least one interval during which, and each jogging training has different positives and challenges.

Other instructions

Here are some additional important guidelines for good running:

Relaxation: After running, be sure to relax your legs. Start by walking for five minutes and continue to tighten the muscles, and only then drink water and rest.
Proper breathing: Be sure to inhale through your nose and exhale from your mouth while running, even if you first ask you to concentrate and reduce your running frequency.
Gradient: Always start running gradually and finish it gradually as well.
By pace: If you are running with music, try to prepare a disc that is appropriate for the pace of running (slow songs at first, then faster and then slower again at the end), try to be fast songs at about the same pace, so as not to affect your pace.

Benefits of Running Sport

Following the above guidelines will help you get the full benefits of running. What exactly are these benefits? Here are the most important:

Improve mental health and mood in general and get rid of stress and psychological stress.
Improve the health of the lungs and respiratory system.
Excess weight loss.
Fighting cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure and lowering bad cholesterol levels.
Strengthen the legs and strengthen their joints.
Strengthen the immune system, thereby increasing the body’s ability to fight diseases.
Improve cognition and mental health even with age.
Reduce the chances of various diseases and delay the signs of aging.

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