How to Tighten Muscles after Running

Performing muscle stretching after running helps to gradually cool the body and improve flexibility. Here’s the best way to tighten your muscles after exercise:

These stretching exercises offered by physiotherapist Sami Margot are best practiced after training when the muscles are warm and more flexible.

You should breathe deeply and regularly during muscle tension. Muscles should also be tightened to malaise or mild discomfort.

But you shouldn’t feel any pain when doing these exercises. If you feel this, stop the exercise and consult a medical professional.

Tighten the hip flexor for 15 seconds

The left leg moves one step forward while keeping both feet forward. The back of the leg remains straight while avoiding the adhesion of the buttocks and the curvature of the back. Then, the front leg bends slowly and pushes the right buttock forward until you feel a tension that crosses the front of the right hip joint. This exercise is repeated for the other leg.

Thigh tightening for 15 seconds

Pull the crest of the left foot back and then gently pull the heel towards the left buttock to tighten the anterior muscle of the thigh, with the knees still contiguous. Avoid bending forward or to one side. Then repeat the movement using the other leg.

Note: The head can be attached to the wall or seat for balance.

Tendon knee: maintain position for 15 seconds

Stand by making the right leg directly in front of the left and hands on your hips. Keep the right leg straight and the toes point up and then bend the left leg. Then bend towards the right foot and keep the back straight. Repeat it on the other foot.

Tightening of the iliac tibialis muscle (ITB): maintain position for 15 seconds

Tighten the right tibial iliac muscle: the junction of the right leg behind the left. Keep both feet on the floor and bend to the left side to push the right hip out. Do not bend forward or breach out. You should also feel tension along the right thigh and hip. Repeat it on the other leg.

Tightening of the calf: maintain the position for 15 seconds

Take a step forward with your right leg. Then bend the front leg and keep the rear leg straight. Both feet should be facing forward. Then push the body using the left heel while keeping the left leg straight. You should feel the tension in the back of the left leg behind the knee. This is repeated for the other leg.

Tighten the lower back: maintain position for 15 seconds

Lie on the back so that both feet are flat. Then pull the right knee to the chest until the feeling of tension in the lower section of the back. Maintain that position for 15 seconds and repeat that exercise for the left foot. Then pull both knees to the chest and maintain them for more than 15 seconds.

Tightening mechanism: maintain the position for 15 seconds

Lie on the back with your knees bent and both feet lying on the floor. The intersection of the right leg above the left thigh. Then pull the back of the left thigh with both hands and pull the left leg toward the chest. Repeat for the other leg.

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