Why does a man deal harshly with a woman who loves her?

The relationship between men and women is one of the most complex relationships ever, especially when one party does not know the other’s way of thinking, and the hidden signs he sends through his actions, but it always remains a question: Can a man be cruel with the woman he loves? One of the most intriguing questions for both men and women.

Love when a man

Marital relations experts stressed that the love of a man is completely different from the love of women, it is difficult for many men to show the feelings of love that lie in his heart, his solid masculine nature, and the printing of the East force him to feel ashamed to express his feelings, and even in some cases to And to show some cruelty in feelings; to avoid the sense of love and longing that he feels inside his heart.

However, the previous rule does not apply to all men, as their severity varies greatly, from one person to another and from one environment to another.

Is there a solution to get rid of that crisis?

According to experts, it takes a smart woman to deal with this kind of men, who hide her love, and merely hint at what lies in their hearts with some hidden behavior, which confirms his love and haggling.

Therefore, it requires the exploitation of intelligence innate to monitor those positions that emphasize the love of the man, and help him indirectly to get rid of the artificial cruelty that it shows.

Signs of love of men for women

Despite the subtle signs of man’s love for women, many men agree with a set of behaviors that reveal their true love.

The signs of man’s love are divided into sensual and non-sensual, thinking of the beloved and trying to achieve her dreams, and the total abandonment of the “Supreme Ego”, one of the most senseless signs of love of men.

The signs are sensual; they are represented in some romantic and noble acts that reveal their love for women, as follows:

  • Listening to it, listening to what you complain about very carefully, and being careful to follow the course of its day.
  • Fear of her, and try to protect her, and give her experience in life.
  • Sacrifice for it, in virtue of itself in the simplest positions of life.
  • He loves her as she is, for her age is just a number, and the outer beauty of her face or body is no difference to him; he loves her soul forever.
  • She loves her family and treats them with respect and love.
Young couple arguing about high domestic bills to pay with laptop and documents, unhappy family having conflict disagreement discussing unpaid debt or money problems sitting together on sofa at home

Why does a man deal harshly with a woman who loves her?

There are many men who insist on dealing harshly with women who love them; for many other reasons, which are far from their shy eastern nature, and which confirm their discontent with many of the underlying causes that affect their mental state, which women are totally unaware of,

  • Many men suffer from the phobia of association, marriage, obligations and responsibilities that accompany this kind of fateful decision, so men find it difficult to deal with women, despite their love for them, and even may withdraw from their lives, and stay away forever.
  • Men may deal harshly with women as a natural reaction; as a result of their physical decline, their inability to keep up with their own way of life and expenses, and in this particular case the man decides to end the relationship that causes him self-harm,
  • The power of the woman’s personality is what causes many men to treat her harshly. At first, the man admires the strong personality of his partner, but over time he realizes that he is gradually giving up his manhood, trying to compensate him; Relationship and stay silent.

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