what’s the meaning of love?

what is love:

Love is life, it is the beautiful soul through which we live. It is the heart from which we draw the strength to live normally, away from confusion, fatigue or otherwise. Love is a small word in size, but it carries the most beautiful abras, To leave it to us, to ignore it. Love leaves a beautiful imprint in the heart, telling us every day that we can not live alone, and we must be proud of our loved ones and companions; for Paradise is no matter how beautiful, but we can not live alone. We must mention the most important meanings of love, love does not necessarily have to be between a man and a woman, but love is a Which fills the hearts towards everyone around us in this life.

Love to share others with feelings of respect:

If you love, it means that sharing others with the highest feelings that a person can carry in his heart, which helps him greatly in living a decent life, love means to respect people and show them loyalty, and try to show pride in your relationship with them, the most beautiful word coming out of your mouth. Praise someone who does not exist! Just because you remembered that he was kindhearted, or that you loved him without having any interest in bringing you together.

To be inspired by others ability to have a good life:

Love is that you can live on your prison, leave the problems behind you, and try to struggle to reach the good life that anyone in this life dreams of, so you can ask for help from those around you. They certainly carry hearts that love and cherish you. They give you advice or good words that guide you along the way, and help you to follow the right path.

To cherish your humanity and try to be a loved one:

Humanity is a lost personality between the unfortunate events experienced by the Arab world in his life in the meantime, and it was necessary that the human being is able to maintain his humanity as it maintains its existence, this humanity is helping him to be good, and love for others around him, try to be Loved by giving a helping hand to those who need it, and of course do not wait for others to thank you for doing something, so do as if you are working for yourself.

To love everything that is on your mind:

Do not look at others with pity or recklessness, and believe that you may not have been created on this body, so thank God so much, do not mock your surroundings, make sure that everyone inside is enough, do not increase them fatigue or hardship, and try to respect all the people around you , And enjoy their companions, and love them until they are sincerely loved, and be good to you the address of goodness and love.

To take good and leave evil away from your heart:

Love is to make your religion is the main engine for you in your life, so stand and trust in God and initiated the provision of good and good people around you, and do not initiate evil, because evil will find your way one day, and be your companion, and this is what you do not want, so try To get good and get rid of you inside, do not meet the abuse of abuse, and trust in God and do not wait for the good of others, and wait only from the Lord of the Worlds.

To accompany those you love and feel how much love and pride you have:

Love is the main engine of the feelings that are within you, do not be silly, and make sure that it can not be depleted as long as you have a heart beating, so I love the people who stand in front of you with all the comfort, and do not hesitate to define your feelings, and seek God when starting any relationship, Always, when you like a girl, for example, do not stop like this, but work to identify them, and meet with her people, and be the best example of youth; because this may consolidate good human relations, and love people in some, and strengthen relationships.

Be proud of your ability to communicate with others without any embarrassment:

Communicating with others is really difficult, especially if people do not really know them. Love helps you show affection and kindness to those around you, and be in constant contact with the people around you, even if you have no connection to them or do not equate you with physical or social status, Do not make these things control you, but you have to judge yourself, and attached to those who wanted to near you.

You can find people around you relaxing with your presence:

Love is that you can broadcast love all over, so that those who see you love even without seeing something specific, you should be proud if you carry inside you a heart loved by all people, and aspire to accompany you, this is clear evidence that you knew the meaning of true love form And I could transmit it to the world without any doubt in your psyche or in your true intentions.

That others will give you what they feel:

It is love that all those who see you, and try to get close to you and take you as a friend, relax you in their difficult moments, and try to intensify their ways to find you near them always, and these are ways of love through which we can find friends.

Signs of love:

There are many things that indicate love, and the main signs of love:

  • Use physical and emotional expressions that describe adoration.
  • The desire to provide amenities for the other party.
  • Tenderness and sensitivity towards the needs of the other party.
  • Having a desire to do business and joint activities.
  • Sharing property appropriately.
  • Exchange of personal feelings in a sincere and continuous manner.
  • Pay attention to the pet and give him help.

Types of love:

There are many forms of love that can not be limited, and of these types:

  • Virgin love: virgin love or so-called Platonic love is innocent and pure love based on desires or the like, the kind of mutual brothers and friends of childhood.
  • Adoration and admiration: It is the love of being born toward someone, or towards a well-known figure, for example, in which case the intruder may not want to express his feelings for the other party.
  • Love is one-sided: it is the emerging love towards another party with the prior knowledge that this person does not exchange the same feelings.
  • Self-love: expresses love based on self-love basically, one of the parties in this relationship loves and cares for himself only without paying attention to the other party.
  • Strong love: It is the strong love of strong physical attraction towards someone.
  • Romantic Love: It is the love of seeing the world with a happy, pink and romantic look, along with constant thinking about loved ones and the inability to move away from them.
  • Unconditional Love: It is a love devoid of selfishness, which most people spend their lives searching for.
  • Spontaneous Love: Love is the result of the first look toward anything or anyone, as it can be instantaneous and disappears within seconds or may last a little longer.

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