What love is when a man?

A man’s appreciation of the beauty of women:

This stage is the first stage of the man in love with a woman, this stage is the attraction of men to women physically, and appreciate the beauty, or outward appearance, where men are generally superficial in this regard; because the appearance is essential for men, unlike women Which fall in love with the man through the first conversation.

The man falls in love quickly:

There are many common misconceptions that women fall in love faster than men, but one recent study found that men tend to fall in love faster than women, and express love feelings faster. This may be due to the biology of men , Where the authors concluded that this is logical: women are more sensitive to their feelings, while the man is arrogant and has the feeling that he will lose nothing when expressed.

Signs of a man falling in love:

There are a number of signs that show that men are in love:

Dealing with respect:

Experts agree that the man’s interest in the details of his beloved’s life is one of the early signs of his love for her, the good relationship she brings with her, her respect for her views, and the pride and celebration of her accomplishments.

Permanent communication:

The man in love sends text messages to his lover throughout the day, sharing the details of his day, even when away from him.


Love can make the heart soft; making the man a person willing to give up his love, to be guided behind his heart instead of his mind.

Taking care of her:

The man in love tries to take care of his love, both practical and emotional, and puts his effort to reassure them, and draw a smile on her face.

Provide encouragement:

The man encourages the woman he loves, feels happy when she is happy, smiles on his face when he sees her smiling, supports her and encourages her to achieve her goals, and is therefore happy with her accomplishments.

Feeling of longing:

The absence of a man and the feeling of longing for her when she is away from him are some of the most important signs of love, but this does not mean that she is obsessing all the time. In general, the text messages he sends to her during her absence must be seen because they may indicate love.

body language:

The body language is one of the most important signs that indicate the love of men to women, and in general there are about 10 movements indicate the love of men to women, while there are about 52 body language indicates the love of women to men, and the most important signs to be observed in the man what follows:

  • Take a lot of look at the beloved, and lift the eyebrow when watching.
  • Repeated look at the face of the beloved and communicate with the eye.
  • Directing the hands, feet and legs towards the woman, as an indication of the man’s interest in them.
  • The man is more interested in his appearance, arranging his hair, re-attaching his shoes, and adjusting his clothes frequently.

Listen to it:

A woman can measure the interest of a man by listening carefully to what he says, if he is nervous or anxious to get closer to her, he will start talking about himself; because men often try to prove themselves in front of their pets, and generally observe the way the man speaks She tells the woman about the level of his love for her.

Other signs indicate a man’s love:

There are many other signs that a man is in love with a girl, including:

  • Time allocation for those who love, there is no man anything more important than spending time with the woman he loves, although he has a job, friends, hobbies, but he spends time to spend with the likes, he is happy when doing so.
  • Try to impress the girl he loves, he wants to see something special so that he can win the heart.
  • Give gifts to express his interest, such as offering a small gift, or a simple flower.

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