What is adoration?


Love is defined as the deep love or appreciation one feels for something or person. The origins of this word are from the French and Latin Middle Ages, where it has several synonyms: worship, love, and inspiration.

Love is the master of all the names of love, and the meaning of excessive love, and the admiration of the beloved lover in cases of chastity and immorality, It was said in the description of love as a disease and Suasai bring himself to focus his thought on the desirability of some qualities, or that greed is generated and grows in the heart, He may have killed the lover himself, or died dead, or looked at his lover and died joy, and was also said that blindness to recognize the disadvantages of the adoration, or that the supplication and the farthest to the lover.

Adoration is that a person loves a great love, and shows that love through respect and appreciation for the other, and usually the love is linked to deep feelings such as the mother’s feelings towards her son or the feelings of the son towards his parents.

Types of Adoration:

Department of love from ancient times to several sections, including what comes:

Romantic Adoration :

Eros is referred to as the Greek god symbolizing fertility, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about love and romance, and this kind of love helps ignite the beginning of love and relationship.

Adoration of friends:

It is the love shared by the individual with his friends, which is called Philia, where it is not a romantic love, but a deep bond of human feelings felt by the individual towards his friends.

Eternal Adoration:

Long lasting love, as a promise of happiness at all times, a mutual love between parents and children, in addition to mutual love in marriage and friendships.

Family Adoration :

It is love that is not conditional on specific traits or dependency, but is related to family and interactive needs among members of the same family.

Self Adoration :

It is the love that is called Philotia, where this love expresses the enjoyment of the individual to honor himself and do things he loves, not egoism and narcissistic love and criticism of others.

Signs of falling in adoration :

A person can distinguish his fall in love and his sense of love through several things, including:

  • Planning for the future together.
  • Lack of the other person.
  • Forgetting people who have become past.
  • Feeling fun while doing activities with the other party.
  • Make sacrifices with pleasure.
  • feeling safe.
  • Feeling relaxed and comfortable.
  • Feeling the sorrows of the other party.
  • Ability to enjoy the stories that are narrated from it.
  • Desire to introduce family and friends to it.
  • Share favorite topics with him.

The difference between adoration and love:


It is the tendency of the heart to another heart, or the attachment of a heart to another heart, and this is by meeting someone’s inner strong feelings. And love scientifically: The brain secretion of testosterone to merge with the hormones of the body in a complex way, not absorbed by the minds of scientists, and this hormone increases the secretion the more love of the thing.

adoration :

It is an instinctive force, which applies without the intervention of reason, and enters the lover in a hysterical state. And love scientifically: The secretion of the body to the hormone oxytocin, to interact with the hormones of the body, gives a sense of attraction towards someone, to generate a strong desire not stopped by one, it must be noted that love is a stage of advanced love Love passes through several stages: Passion, and then the soul, then the costs to get to love.

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