What are the most important tips for pregnant women?

Every woman will rejoice when they hear about her pregnancy, especially if she is pregnant first. You will feel great joy and great joy for the child who will come after several months. Whatever mother imagines the change in her life during her pregnancy and her birth, The woman may not be able to deal with all these changes for the first time, but after consulting with the doctor and check on the health and health of the fetus will The mother adapts to this pregnancy.

How pregnancy occurs:

Pregnancy occurs as a result of sperm fertilization of the fertilized egg, and then the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus, and begins to divide and grow, causing the pregnancy symptoms felt by the woman.

The pregnancy test is carried out by the woman through pregnancy, through the blood, or through the urine. After the woman has been confirmed for several weeks, she can check with the competent gynecologist to follow her pregnancy and reassure her about the health and health of the fetus. That women never neglect their pregnancy, and that they take good care of themselves during pregnancy so as not to suffer any problems or diseases, so that the fetus grows healthy and healthy. There are a lot of things that a woman must take into account, and you should take care of taking advice from everyone, especially the doctor; to help her to get pregnant safely.

Tips for pregnant women:

Medical follow-up:

  • Attention should be given to blood tests, and to ensure that the pregnant mother is not infected with any disease, such as: blood clotting disease, for example.
  • Conduct diabetes analysis every month in the months of pregnancy to ensure that women are not infected with gestational diabetes.
  • Check your blood pressure every month as well, and check that the pregnant woman is not affected by pregnancy pressure.
  • Conduct urine analysis to ensure that women are not infected with any infections so as not to cause any health problems.
  • Examine the fetus every month with a specialist gynecologist, and check his health and growth properly.
  • Check the weight of the pregnant woman each month, and make sure not to increase weight too much; so as not to cause her toxication pregnancy.
  • If a woman feels any fatigue or symptoms of concern, consult your doctor and find out why.
  • Take the vitamins and tonics prescribed by your doctor regularly so that the baby grows properly, and the mother compensates for the vitamins you lose during pregnancy.

Health Nutrition:

  • Pay attention to milk and eggs every day so that the mother can make up the calcium you lose in pregnancy.
  • Eat fish and seafood once a week; because of their benefit to maternal and fetal health.
  • Take care to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily; they are very useful in rejuvenating women, not feeling tired or idle, and in addition they provide vitamins in the body.
  • Drink juice every day and water also in sufficient quantities for the body’s need.
  • Keep away from drinking stimulants such as coffee and tea, so as not to cause the lack of absorption of vitamins in the body.
  • Eat foods that contain starches, such as boiled potatoes or pasta.

Skin care and body:

  • Take care to use natural oil to soften the skin, especially in the abdomen to prevent cracks during pregnancy, preferably using natural olive oil.
  • Make a natural mask for the skin of the face, especially if you notice the darkening, or the onset of the cost, to try to limit the increase of spread.
  • You will notice that your hair has become weak and has problems. You can make oil baths to nourish your hair, and cut off the limbs to maintain its beauty.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time as long as possible, so as not to increase the likelihood of your costs appearing.
  • If you notice the appearance of the pills in your face you can consult a dermatologist in using a cream that helps you get rid of them.

Attention to clothes:

  • Be careful to wear loose clothes and suitable for pregnancy, and not be tight; so as not to make you feel suffocation or affect the health of your fetus.
  • Stay away from wearing high-heeled shoes so you do not feel back or leg pain, or get hurt by it.
  • Wear cotton clothes that absorb sweat, do not make you feel hot, and help your comfort.


  • Avoid doing work that requires effort, or carry something heavy, so that it does not affect the health of your pregnancy.
  • Avoid places with strong odors, such as chlorine, detergents or smoke.
  • Do not move for a long time and make a hard effort for a while.
  • Minimize intercourse, especially in the first months of pregnancy, so that it does not cause abortion.
  • Do not be angry all the time or sad, because that affects the health of your baby very much.
  • If you feel that your fetus is not moving normally or feel any fatigue or fatigue, you should consult your doctor immediately to avoid complications in the future.

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