Types of women in love

Men believe that women are the most mysterious beings, especially when it comes to expressing love and admiration, but it simply depends entirely on the personality of the woman and her ability to express her love for her partner; and for a relationship free of complexity and ambiguity.

How to win the hearts of womens

  • Soft women: These women tend to give in love in an exaggerated way to avoid any drama in the emotional relationship, and prefer to lead the man to the relationship and retreat is the second place.
  • woman with a strong personality: the opposite of the previous type altogether; she is a rebellious, confident, self-confident woman who does not fear drama in emotional relationships, and is deeply insulted when she does not take her opinion into account.
  • Women with little experience: This type of women are characterized by excessive prominence, but they lack confidence in their partner and themselves, so you find them put many walls and barriers around them, which impede access to it.
  • Experienced women: They are creative in expressing love; they are romantic in the first degree, but their previous emotional experiences have given them enough experience to understand or falsify other people’s intentions; they also have difficulty driving or influencing them.
  • The jealous woman: observes all man’s actions; there is no specific meaning with this kind of woman, and despite her love for you and her romance, over time jealousy will turn into a black point in a relationship.
  • Smart women: the kind that attract men with their great intelligence, raises curiosity and short conversations and employs information to win his heart; it also gives him an opportunity to challenge himself and access to the heart.
  • The natural woman: thin in her clothes and her outer body, confident of herself, loathsome in love, and behaves in her prison heavily, especially when it comes to expressing love and admiration for the partner of life.
  • Mysterious Woman: Unique and intriguing men, her private life is characterized by being adventurous, fun, and not boring at all; what causes men to love her.
  • The joyous woman: has a great positive note to convey to her partner; the man is with her at the top of his happiness, and always has her own positive outlook on life, loves laughter and enjoys a sense of humor, and in terms of expressing love and admiration, fun women choose creative ways to express their feelings and love for a partner Her life.

Types women not suitable for marriage

I am a woman who is not fit for marriage Finding the other half is not an easy task as many men are looking for a woman who perfectly matches their expectations. Men have different views on how to choose their partner, but during your search for a special person you will meet several kinds of women you should avoid!

  • Women who are obsessed with marriage: A woman of this kind usually plans her life in all its details, including the wedding dress and the names of her future children. If you are looking for a healthy relationship the girl who opens up marriage and family composition topics even before you know her is not the best choice for you.
  • Beautiful Idiots: All men are seduced by the beauty of a woman at some point in their lives but if they are not able to speak in an intellectual subject they will gradually lose interest in them.
  • Women who are looking for drama: Although most couples are arguing and sometimes the argument is inevitable you have to be careful that the woman you date does not always look for it
  • Women are too attached: As each man needs space and time alone, the last thing you want to do is connect with someone who can not offer this to you, especially after the first days of dating.
  • The crying woman: You have to avoid the woman who cries to get her way because this method represents a kind of manipulation and emotional blackmail.
  • The traitorous woman: If you are planning to start a relationship with a married woman or a girl you remember that there is a chance that she will betray you too.
  • Women who are fond of money: In the event that women showed great interest in your business activity and you always expect valuable gifts from you, you have to escape: This woman is not interested in you but owner.
  • Women who do not stop talking: Most men enjoy dating a social girl who can joke and open a normal conversation. On the other hand, nobody likes to be near talkative.

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