Talk about Women

Woman of the creatures in which God deposited a great secret,It is a creature full of contradictions but exciting contradictions that make it unique,It is complementary to the man is the half that completes society,Who gives birth to the other half,Where women are mentioned, many exciting ideas come to mind,Especially that life without them is impossible,Because she is the mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend,It is the source of compassion and passion,That is why women remain an inspiration to others to say a lot of words,

In this article there will be a set of words about women:

  • Women’s puzzle key is love.
  • In love, women forget their dignity and in jealousy forget their love.
  • Behind every great man is a great woman.
  • If you want the woman to stop talking, ask her about her age .
  • A successful man earns more than his wife can spend.
  • The voice of love in women .. stronger than the voice of conscience.
  • Love is the history of women .. It is only a passing incident in the life of men.
  • If every woman knew what her friend was saying, there were no friends on earth.
  • Women like a scorpion make their way in life .. To bite who stands in their way.
  • The woman keeps her love for forty years, and does not hide hatred one day.
  • A man’s mind does not equal the emotion of a woman’s emotions.
  • Women are the greatest nanny for men, where they are taught beautiful virtues .. and the behavior of literature .. Sensation of upscale.
  • Women worry about the future until they get a husband either man does not worry about the future until after marriage.
  • If a woman tasted the taste of love, she did not escape the friendship.
  • The most beautiful thing about a woman is silence in all its causes.
  • Who said that women have no opinion .. Women have a new opinion every day.
  • If you can laugh a woman, then you can make her do anything.
  • Satan in your mind .. not in the woman’s body.
  • The love of a woman like the moon if it does not take the increase, take in the decrease.
  • Woman is like earth, if she loves her neglect, and if she neglects, It love you.

Is it possible for a man to realize that there is a woman who can examine him and test him and then fall in the test does not .. The man returns that he is the only one who examines the woman and tests .. He alone has the right to test and choose .. Women can only accept men Which he chooses .. One man and one .. And live his whole life convinces himself that he is this one alone .. Vanity is made from the man a stupid creature

  • Women are the constituent of society, they have full authority .. Does not work in it except by them, and for them.
  • The man married to relax and the woman marries the love of the poll and often the two regret.
  • Women write their promises on pages of water.
  • Two things you do not trust the winter sun and the heart of women.
  • A woman likes to remember her birthday on condition that she forgets her age.
  • The devil needs ten hours to deceive a man and the woman needs one hour to deceive ten men
  • The secret is what women say to all people, and ask them to conceal it.
  • The water tank that is not afraid of drought is the woman’s eye.
  • He who does not believe in women’s rights forgets that his mother, sister and daughter are women.
  • In love, women dispose of their inability to commit adultery, but men are saved because they are tired of treason
  • The man makes sure that the woman loves him if she marries someone else.
  • A man may write about love a book .. yet can not express it .. But a word about love of women is enough for all of this.
  • A woman can forgive treachery, but she can not forget it.
  • Vanity destroys women more than love destroys them.
  • Good women do not modify anything .. because it is helpful to the world and the Hereafter.
  • The man drowns in love with his eyes and the woman drowns in love with his ears.

Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.

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