Talk about men

There is a permenent conflict between Women and men about how they see common themes,You find men describes Women naively,While describing it with coldness and lack of sense of what is going on around him,And between this description and that we find the point,Women can not please men no matter what you do,men can not understand women even if he spends his life trying.

Men three types:

  • A man claims to be right and he is stubborn.
  • And a man who confesses that he is wrong is a wise man.
  • And a man confirms that he is wrong when he is right and this is the married.

Men in women say what they like, and women do men what they like.

  • A man with love from a hunter to a prey.
    If a man makes a mistake, he will regret it. If the woman makes a mistake, she will apologize.

  • A loving man loves to know what a woman does while a woman loves to forget everything she does, and a man who does not forgive women for her mistakes. Does not enjoy its virtues.
  • Every man has a woman of dreams beyond reach, sometimes on earth, often in an unknown conscience.

The man is the raw material in which the woman works final touches.
The man loses his illusions first, then his teeth, and finally his stupidity
Men dream before marriage, and wake up after.

  • men say education is power, women say beauty is Majesty.
  • The power of man with his mind and the strength of women in their tears.
  • Men are senior children.
  • The man is the trunk of the tree, its leg and its leaves, but the woman is fruit.

When a man loves a woman honestly, he is willing to do the impossible for her. Everything becomes easy for him. Does not think it is impossible to give up the love of his life, so he is willing to protect his beloved from any danger even if it cost him his life.

  • Men love quickly, but they hate slowly.
  • Men can resist the correct theory and surrender to take a look.
    If a man loses his friend for a woman, he loses the woman and the friend together.
  • If a man lied, a thousand women would believe him. If a woman lied, she would not find anyone who believed her.
  • The man remains ignorant of the qualities he hates in women until he marries.
  • The man is guided by his actions and his origin with his mind.
    Men are the reason women do not love men.
  • A man who does not know the strengths of it, is an easy target for women who do not know the weaknesses of it.
  • If a man loves a woman Drink it from the cup of tenderness.
    The man hides his betrayal behind his smile, and the woman behind her tears.

  • If you see a man opening the car door to his wife, know that one of them is new car or wife

When a man loves a woman, he needs to escape from time to time before he can approach men like synthetic rubber. When you move away, you must be far enough away before they can approach again. Rubber “Synthetic Rubber” is the perfect picture to understand the cycle of love in men. This session involves approaching, then moving away and then approaching again.

A man who admires a woman uses the method of asking questions directly because he wants to know more about them. It will not make modernity self-centered, but it gives it the opportunity to speak for itself. On the other hand, if the woman feels the same way towards the man, develop between them.

The man who loves a woman tries to get close to her and has a friendly relationship with them. This is a great sign that she likes her, especially if she is always on her side and tries to help and care for her all the time. He wants to spend most of his time with her, However, there may be some exceptions, such as trying to perform the duty of friendship towards his girlfriend

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