Signs of true love in women

Know all things about the beloved:

One of the signs of true love in a woman is to know all things about the beloved, as she knows how to make him smile, and will not bring him a gift that does not suit him, she knows things that concern him well and what is interesting, she knows more than his close friend.

Increase communication:

Increasing communication is one of the most positive signs of true love for a woman. When she likes a woman, she will increase communication with the person she loves through phone calls, e-mails and text messages, and her contacts will have no specific purpose. Voice of the one you love.

the sacrifice:

When a woman truly loves to sacrifice for the person she loves, she can serve her interests and her own business.


When a woman loves a true love to forgive the beloved and the forgiveness of his mistakes, no matter how many, she always forgives him. She chooses to forget the abuse and give her a second chance, because her love is unconditional, so she does not focus on mistakes and defects and is forgiven without thinking.

Cook the favorite meal for the lover:

The woman asks the man you love about the meal he prefers, and tries to cook the meal and put it on the dinner table, and this is one of the clearest signs of true love for women.

Pay attention to lover:

The woman cares about the person she loves, cares about his happiness, and asks him constantly if he has eaten his meals at the time or not and gets upset if he does not eat food, as she does so because she loves him and is afraid of him, this is one of the signs of true love in women.

pangs of jealous:

The jealousy is one of the most prominent signs of love among women. If a woman hears her lover tell her about a girl and begins to praise her, she will feel resentful and involuntary, and will change her way of talking with him. She may try to annoy her in order to reduce her admiration and distract him. about her.

Ask lots of questions:

Asking a woman for many questions can be a sign that she wants to get to know the partner better, because she is interested in knowing if there is a consensus between them, and all this is motivated by love, where the woman feels closer to her partner when she can understand him, For him, the love grows between them more.

Other signs of true love in women:

There are many other signs that indicate true love in women, including the following:

  • When a girl is already attracted to a man, her breathing will noticeably accelerate. On the other hand, rapid breathing may be a result of a feeling of anxiety. This does not necessarily mean that she loves him.
  • Change the tone of her voice: You can know the extent of interest of the girl lover through enthusiasm during his presence, and change the tone of her voice when talking to him, and increased confidence.
  • Show her smile more: When the woman loves the man will show him smile more, and happiness will immediately appear on her eyes, as the eyes do not lie, if she smiles while listening to the man with attention and focus, they have already fallen in love.
  • Among the experts: When a girl gets to touch her hair or deliberately plays her hair when talking to a man, she tries to show his interest in him, and she speaks to him admiringly, if she continues for so long, she has fallen in love with him Actually.
  • Feeling comfortable when you are with the person you love
  • Tell the person you love about their weaknesses.
  • The desire to know what is going on in the life of the person you love and how to spend his time.
  • Feeling ashamed when you are near.
  • Giving gifts.

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