Reasons for love unilaterally

Do you love someone but do not share the same feelings? Or does someone love you and do not share it with you? What do you feel then? Bewilderment, guilt, anger, anxiety and anticipation, pain and suffering, rejection, vibration of your confidence?
First we try through the opinions of psychology specialists to understand the psychic lover unilaterally.

Why is a person in a love affair unilaterally?

If you are the one who loves reading these explanations, think about whether any of them apply to you, or less to you do not think, but see which of them will touch your heart directly and make you whisper or shout inside you “Oh, I am.”

  • Psychologists and psychologists call these feelings one-sided “emotional attachment” or “fascination.” This fascination is made by our needs, where we have unsatisfied needs, and we find or imagine that the person to whom these feelings are directed can meet these needs for us, and we attach to them. For example, you find that this person depends on you in many things and ask you, which satisfies your need to feel the importance and value, or be the subject you are directed to your passion and your desire to take care of someone else. Maybe he is a compassionate person and you need compassion.
  • This attachment may be due to the fact that you find in this person qualities of people you loved early in life, and it moves you into something that makes you fascinated and attached to it. But be careful because this similarity – although it may be true – but it may also be apparent only. For example, you may have found a similarity between him and your father, whom you love and hold in person, a relative or a teacher.
  • Sometimes the reason for being attached to someone is that they have an attribute of value, such as religion, compassion, ambition, or material wealth ….
  • Your feelings may be love, that is, the state of love and the accompanying feelings of anticipation, longing, attention and jealousy.
  • You may feel that this situation makes the meaning of your life, sometimes we resort to the torment of love from one side and we do not want to get out of this situation, because they feel our selves and that we have a cause to live for and suffer in its path.

Another question may help you better understand your feelings:

What are the characteristics of true love?
How do we differentiate between fascination or emotional attachment and true love?

  • In true love each party has what it needs from the other and what it offers. The real love is giving and giving, says Professor Abdul Wahab Mutawa – may God have mercy on him – in his book “Open your heart”: “Love is a living organism like rare flowers need continuous care and continuous service so as not to wither its leaves.” How would this happen if love was one-sided?
  • True Love Security gives you the ability to be strong and weak, give you a sense of satisfaction with yourself, and that you have value in someone else’s life. True love provides you with containment. Love on one side or the result of our fantasies or daydreams stems from exploration, anticipation and anxiety.
  • For this reason, true love is only after the good knowledge between the two parties and the exchange between them in all matters, so that each party can make sure that the other party contains and accepts and feel safe, and that each of them are able to meet the needs of the other party.
  • It must also pass life tests and withstand various problems.
  • Successful love is the one in which the mind and the heart agree, or at least that which the mind agrees with and does not deny.

Do you love one side?

The one-sided lover pays the price of this relationship from his psychological health, happiness, self-confidence, age, and wasting opportunities for relationships that can be true love. If you are engaged in a relationship with those you love and do not like, you should not abandon your rights or needs in order to please or love him, he will not love you in this way, and whoever loves you should love you as you are, be willing to give and be happy and happy. And I see that you do not associate with those who do not love you, because you will suffer all the time from the emotional cold and the sense of rejection.

My words may be harsh, you may not like to hear that your feelings are not love or that you have to end this relationship .. The purpose of my words is not to disappoint you or to diminish your feelings, but to help you show what it is and manage it to live your life as you love and want and do not live under its sway. That is why I encourage you to seek specialized psychological help and to read the wonderful article by Sarah Al Khashab: Seven Steps to Recovering from Love.

Are you loved by one party?

But if you are the beloved and the lover was ahead of you or your wife, I think to give yourself an opportunity, as you may grow inside your heart love when you touch his love for you and you see him a good ethics and harmony in nature. If you do not love him though, I can not tell you that you are married and I can not tell you that you do not marry him because the decision to marry is taken on the basis of many factors, including: morality, religion, obedience, social harmony, age and feelings towards him. If you do not like it, it may mean hate and not accept it at all, and it may mean that you are just impressed by it or feel pleasantly satisfied with it. However, my opinion – which I do not exaggerate and do not doubt his health or any other mistake – that unilateral love will make the relationship unsatisfactory and unsatisfied with the needs of either party.

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