Love from one end endlessly suffering

Some see revelation as the solution and others eagerly await

No one objects to love giving life the flavor of happiness and the joy of joy. But when love is one-sided, patience is one-sided, and one-sided concession, this foreshadows unfavorable developments and results !! Love is, as they say, “a great blessing enjoyed by devotees, but this grace may often turn into a cruel suffering and endless suffering to the soul and body.” The answer comes: because the love of one-sided torment, tears and oppression, and in the case of recognition be embarrassing and wounding to the feelings of men, and humiliation and humiliation of women greatly diminishes their worth and their worth! , “The five senses” explored this subject with a group of people whose opinions differed, but they emphasized one point of love, which is one-sided, and one of the most difficult types of love a person might face in a fatal dilemma, Get rid of her !

Source of unhappiness

jackline (employee) says: If the emotional relationship between the two parties love each other, and exchange the same feelings and feeling will inevitably culminate in marriage .. Unilateral love is only a source of misery, pain and suffering, especially as the heart refuses to be a master Himself, whatever the torment and suffering of his friend! As I read on this subject, love on one side begins in adolescence when the image of love and bonding is not clear and simple, everyone needs at this stage to practice the feelings of love without the presence of another party, so we find ourselves attracted to read romantic stories or watch Certain films are emotionally connected with heroes or anyone we see fit and have many wonderful qualities for a lifetime partner.

Painful experience

The jhon explains: “Love is called one-sided love, because it is incomplete or truncated love, its ends are not complete, it causes confusion, or anxiety will not feel because it does not know the feelings of those who love it! Personally, I have experienced this experience, which has caused me a lot of pain. Adding: that love is one side of the feelings of depression, which appear to be beautiful, especially as it will eventually culminate in the bond of marriage and love for life.

Sacrifices and concessions

Maryam (employee) says: With all my appreciation of love, and my conviction that the happiness that a person lives when he lives to those who love may not be equivalent to happiness in this world, and despite all this, but that love when it is one-sided it turns into a curse not The person who wishes to associate with the loved one must accept all the material conditions of the family of his beloved, and then accept to change the course of his life and sacrifice the opportunity to work abroad, for example because his beloved has her life Which can not be dispensed with, and then follow a series Concessions and sacrifices because it deals with a party buying and selling interests accounts -This is his right- is either it handles heart language, is a language not known to the other party, and may not be recognized.

Revelation avoids crises

Arbeit (employee) points out that men and women are equal in the same suffering if their love is one-sided and the parties can not disclose the other directly because of fear of rejection of the first party, or unwillingness to fall into an embarrassing position is indispensable! He wondered: what prevents the party that loves the other side of the “well” feelings .. Because with the insistence on not to express feelings will go on years of life in vain .. Emphasizing the importance of disclosure is the most appropriate way to avoid emotional and health crises, the advice here to clarify and not to silence these Emancipation is the first way to treat these negative emotions.

Who deserves love

According to young artist Maryam: The beauty of love is the exchange of feelings between the two parties, if the second party did not respond to love and love was one-sided, the person to forget and search for those who appreciate his love, and do not live the experience of love if it is one party .. Host : The cure of this may lie! But even forgetting or loving a lover to turn his back on this love is an impossible hope, it is easy to tell one who loves one-sided love that he must forget, but that # thing can not even in his hand so he can control it! But with this he can easily forget, it is suffering and unilaterally!

Two-party participation

The artist and the media Agnes Her opinion on this subject, saying: Love in general is the participation of two people, but love from one side is certain feelings exist in someone but personally and internally without showing these feelings and emotions .. Host: From my own point of view that if the For example, a person knows very well that his beloved does not exchange his feelings of love, but he insists that he remains connected to him even from a distance. He wishes that if the heart of his beloved lightens one day, he will wait and prolong the waiting. As the days, months and years go by, Wait more heavy, the harsh surprise, or catastrophe, may occur and marry the beholder Bob, hell begins to suffer another kind.

Indirect way

Anita  (employee) violates the subject of direct revelation to those we love and he does not know what our hearts to him .. He explained that the discovery of the satisfaction of the other party to us by seeking some feelings and emotion from the other party to confirm this love before the declaration, Does the other party respond to it too or not before this love turns into a chronic disease that can not be eliminated over the course of life! On the other hand, Ahmad says that if a woman loves a man so that she does not see a man in life except this, she must trust one of her friends and make her speak as if her friend is nominating him for marriage and know his opinion openly. Therefore, the ruling can either be linked to or forgotten by this torment One-sided love is suicide in short.

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