How to attract the attention of your dream girl and keep her excited to talk to you?

Well, you met the girl of your dreams, and you meet her constantly, but your tongue is knotted and you can not talk to her about anything. It is important here to know the importance of talk and conversation and its impact on girls, even if you are handsome and possess a luxury car, it is indispensable to talk rich and elegant, women love pleasant conversations, and attract their attention to the man who can pick his words and phrases carefully.

Talking and talking helps others get to know you better, and it’s one of the best ways to get close to women and get their heart. But if you’re very shy when you’re dealing with a girl who has some feelings and can not talk to her, there are some topics to talk about. And you are with her.

The art of talking to women

Before you have a conversation with a girl who has attracted your attention, you need to determine the extent to which you are close to her. Do not ask her personal questions, especially if you have met someone shortly. In this case you will be rude.

I also know what to say and when to say this and where, for example you do not have to talk about the massacres that occur in Syria and you are having dinner together. You also have to be a good listener and do not interrupt her while talking, and communicate with her all the time.

Simple and quick conversations

If you want to get to know the girl and get close to her after getting to know her directly, there are some simple and fast topics that you can do with them, including:

  • Tell her how beautiful, smart and nice!
    There is no woman on Earth who does not like to hear phrases that show her how beautiful, intelligent and gentle. Every woman is beautiful and smart in a special and distinctive way. When you tell your girl that you like her way of thinking and her ability to solve problems, you will be able to attract her attention; because you will confirm in this way that you admire her in form and substance.
  • Ask her for help
    Women feel attracted to men who are relieved of their selfishness and vanity, and ask them to help. Even if you do not need her experience to help you with some things, pretend to be ignorant to attract her attention, you will feel confident in yourself and feel insecure, and you will make her feel confident.
  • How was her day?
    It’s one of the easiest ways you can have a conversation with a girl. Ask her how it was. Do not let her tell you it was a nice, ordinary day. Ask more questions and learn more. If you mention anything interesting, use it for conversations. Larger.
  • You know her hobbies?
    Get to know her hobbies and ask her how she spends her day in order to find out what is in common. This is one of the most common ways to get to know the girl you feel like.
  • Travel
    Most people love to travel, and studies and research have proved that women tend to travel more than men; so talk to them about places I’ve gone to, archaeological sites I’ve visited, tell them the details of these places and how I dealt with local people, the food I ate, Ridiculous and embarrassing that I went through.
  • Food and drinks
    There is no person on the planet who does not eat or drink, talk to your dream girl about your favorite food, ask her what is her favorite food, try to know if she likes cooking, or have family secrets in the kitchen.

Long and intimate talks

If you find that your relationship has become much stronger, and that you have become closer to each other, it may be time for longer and more intimate conversations, including:

  • the family
    Talking to the girl about her family and close friends increases your closeness to each other, and in this way you will make her feel your interest in her, how much you want to get closer to her and get to know her better; know her childhood and how she spent her adolescence, and her friends at these stages, He touched on the details about her and she is younger.
  • Dreams, aspirations and ambitions
    At first, ask her about her current position and her goals in the near term. I know whether she plans to travel or save some money to buy something. For women, her sense of interest in her dreams, goals and ambitions is one of the things that attracts her attention.

Know when to shut up

Sometimes you have to be silent; so know when to stop talking and when you keep silent, and listen calmly. Silence is very important and necessary in any human relationship in general, and in your relationship with the girl of your dreams in particular.

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